meet pro-wellness ambassadors

Meet Pro-Wellness Ambassador, Elaine!

Having my first child this year, working part-time and going back to school to complete my master's degree has intensified my life beyond what I could have ever imagined. Always a believer in supplements, I find  myself relying on them more and more to get through my day with energy. In the mornings, I take my 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS multivitamin and fuel up on 1st Step whey protein powder by adding it to my oatmeal or drinking it as a shake. When I hit my mid-afternoon slump and before I head out to evening classes, I depend on the B12 complex to give me the extra energy I need. I love 1st Step Pro-Wellness!

Meet Pro-Wellness Ambassador, Dana!

Dana, from Pikeville, Kentucky, has been an athlete all her life, competing in both cheerleading and horseback riding.  Dana now owns and runs Flip Flop Gymnastics where she is passing down her love of cheerleading to future generations. She coaches an All-Star cheerleading squad and a high school cheerleading squad. Dana regularly competes in horse shows and is part-owner of Pugh Stables, where they currently house over twenty horses. But for Dana, her family is her heart and is the inspiration for all that she does.

Meet Pro-Wellness Ambassador, Rhonda!

Rhonda is a wife to Ken and mom to two active girls and a beagle. She is also a professional musician. Although she was not athletic in her younger years, Rhonda found fitness in her thirties. She enjoys running and yoga. Rhonda is passionate about motivating other moms get active and to share their fit lives with their children.