Susi Vermillion

Susi- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company


I had initially heard about 1st Step Pro-Wellness from a friend.  I became a quick fan of the Vanilla Whey Protein powder and Multivitamin/Multimineral.  I love the liquid multivitamin and the protein powder quickly mixes with anything - without any clumps.  I am always looking for natural ingredients, so this was a perfect fit for me!  The Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex is just enough of a boost without the jittery side effects. I feel confident and proud to recommend these products to anyone who will listen.  We all want to be active and healthy!

Susi, a busy wife and mother of three, has always enjoyed exercising and learning different ways to stay healthy. After having her children, she has many more reasons to take care of herself, including having the energy to keep up with her little ones. She wants to inspire others to be healthy, even in their busy lives. She believes that we all have "to do" lists, which should include the need to make sure we take the time for own health and wellness. When she is not running from one school to the next, she enjoys working out, finding new recipes, helping others, or cuddling with her kids while watching Madagascar for the 100th time.