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Shawnie- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company



As a flight attendant, I'm constantly on the go, flying back and forth between time zones and working an unusual schedule. My body is affected with the constant change and my energy levels get low, which can hinder my work. Within weeks of using 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements I saw a change in my daily life!

I am a fan of the Liquid Vitamin B12 Boost and the Whey Protein Powder shakes. With one protein drink my muscles are rejuvenated and my body receives vitamins to maintain my energy levels. I love that the B12 Boost is a vitamin my body needs, not a chemical substance that gives me heart palpitations!!!

1st Step Pro-Wellness has certainly changed my lifestyle for the best!

As a flight attendant, Shawnie travels around the world taking care of other's needs. When grounded, her life is just as fast-paced as she juggles family, fitness and school.  She spends time helping her cousins prepare for school exams, attending their football games and school plays. She also studies hard as a student working on her medical degree, with which she hopes one day to give back to her community. And when she needs to blow-off some steam, she kicks butt in kickboxing classes and ballroom dancing.