Sara Willis

Sara- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company




I have tried each one of the 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements, and now use them on a regular basis. The Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM keeps my joints healthy. And the Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex gives me the boost I need to handle training, competitions, kids, my husband, and the daily surprises life brings.

Sara is a 29-year-old wife and mother of two. An athlete her whole life, Sara played multiple sports in both high school and college is now a National Physique Committee (NPC) figure competitor and is working towards getting certified again in personal training. A firm believer in the pro-life platform, Sara is in the process to volunteer with a right-to-life charity. Her greatest passions are her faith in God, her family and her love for health and fitness.