Nicole Cobb

Nicole- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company



I became a 1st Step Pro-Wellness Ambassador after seeing so many good things about the supplements from other ambassadors. Once I tried them, I instantly fell in love. I add the Whey Protein to my coffee or bake with it. And I love the natural energy the Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex shots give me, and the ease of taking the Liquid Multivitamin/Multimineral. I just can't go wrong with these products! The 1st Step supplements fit into my life with ease, and compliment the improvements I'm already making towards my health and wellness.

Nicole is a fun loving wife and mom of two preschoolers. Along with raising her kids and working from home, Nicole enjoys strength training and fitness challenges. She loves sharing what she has learned about fitness with other people and hopes to inspire others along their own journeys toward health.