Jenna McCullough

Jenna- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company


When I made the decision to embark on my journey to create a healthier and happier me, I tried nearly every protein powder on the market. Each one I tested was okay, but I kept searching because I was never satisfied. When I tried 1st Step Pro-Wellness Whey Vanilla Protein Powder, I knew I had a winner! It is so much richer, smoother, and creamier than any other protein I've tried! I also LOVE the Liquid Vitamin B12 Boost and Multivitamin/Multimineral. Not only are they in liquid form, which releases into your system faster and more efficiently, but they taste AWESOME! Being constantly on the go as a full-time nanny for three little ones, I definitely need the boost that they give me each day!

Jenna loves living an active life. Whether she's running around as a nanny with three little ones, teaching Sunday school at her church, participating in intramural sports or doing yoga and Pilates, Jenna is on the go! And because she knows the importance of health and wellness, Jenna is excited to inspire others to live healthily and happily.