Jeanie Greenmaki

Jeanie- 1st Step ProWellness Ambassador-A Liquid Vitamin Supplement Company



As former service member, I experienced a level of personal fitness that I loved. But after I got married, left the Navy, and had my son, my healthy mentality diminished and I struggled with the deterioration of my fitness level. I finally decided to begin living healthily once again. I joined a moms running group, signed up for a LOT of 5Ks and got myself motivated! 
Now, as an avid runner, I can confidently say 1st Step Pro-Wellness products are the supplements I depend on to give me energy. The protein powder alone is enough to keep me hooked. I love having a shake in the mornings before long dives to scrub pools at SeaWorld. It keeps me going during the hard work! It's easy to be a working mom, dedicated dog owner, loving wife, and a constantly motivated runner with 1st Step Pro-Wellness. In taste and performance, 1st Step Pro-Wellness is a win.

Jeanie lives life enthusiastically! As a former Navy member, she is now a Navy wife and a mom to a precious son and two great danes. And as an avid runner and a SeaWorld Scuba Diver, Jeanie is constantly pushing her body to the limits. Jeanie strives to be an interesting person and celebrate the good things in life with friends and family.