Why are liquid vitamins better than a pill or capsule?

Pills just don’t offer the absorbency to make them very effective. Generally, one’s body absorbs approximately 10% of what one takes when consuming a pill. Liquids offer a 90% or greater absorption rate. Plus, many people experience an upset stomach when taking pills. This is because once the pills are digested, they often cause nausea and even heartburn. Liquid supplements are absorbed before entering the lower digestive tract; therefore, one avoids an upset stomach. 

Additionally, one just needs to consider the financial loss when choosing pills over a liquid; of every $100 spent on capsules or tablets, approximately $80 is wasted!

Do I need to take my supplements with food? 

All of our supplements can be taken without food and on an empty stomach. Liquid vitamins bypass the digestive process, hence one doesn't need food to help with nausea typically associated with digesting pills.

Should I take my vitamins twice a day for optimal results?

Two doses a day is permissible for people who have a very active daily lifestyle.

Should I consult my doctor before taking 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements?

It is always wise to consult your physician before you take any supplemental nutritional product because he/she is aware of your individual needs and circumstances.

Can I get my daily requirements of vitamins and minerals from food?

Yes, you can receive the recommended daily allowances of vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat. Unfortunately, however, with today's busy lifestyles many Americans simply do not have the time, desire, or "know-how" to consistently plan well-balanced menus to ensure that the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals are received each day. 

In addition, some individuals do not want to consume the quantity of food that would be necessary to receive the proper amounts of these nutrients. A multivitamin is a safe, simple, and effective way to ensure that your body consistently receives the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.

Why gamble with your or your family's health? Although it is always important to eat a variety of healthy, wholesome foods from each of the basic food groups, a multi-vitamin is a safeguard that will ensure your body is receiving the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for achieving optimal health and maximizing daily performance, thus improving the quality, productivity, and longevity of life!

Can my children take 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements?

Yes, they can, but once again it is always wise to consult your pediatrician first. He/she can help you determine the proper dosage for your child based upon age and weight.

Will the Liquid B12 Complex make me jittery?

No. There is no caffeine or any added stimulant in our B12 Complex. The vitamin itself works to supply the body with energy, naturally. Studies suggest that anywhere from 15-40% of Americans are deficient in the B12 vitamin. A deficiency in B12 leads to fatigue, moodiness, and difficulty remembering. Taking B12 will increase one’s energy levels without causing jitteriness or a crash. 

Are 1st Step Pro-Wellness Supplements gluten-free?


Are 1st Step Pro-Wellness Supplements vegetarian?

All of our supplements are vegetarian, with the exception of our Glucosamine and Chondroitin + MSM.

How are 1st Step Pro-Wellness Supplements sweetened?

All of 1st Step’s liquid supplements are sweetened with all natural fruit flavors. 

How long will it me to notice a difference when taking 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements?

We recommend that people take the supplements daily for two weeks to fully see a difference. However, many people report noticing a difference in just a day or two, especially those who have higher vitamin deficiencies or athletes who are sensitive to changes within their bodies.

Can my supplements be refrigerated?

Yes, all of 1st Step’s liquid supplements are very stable and store nicely in the refrigerator. They can also be stored at room temperature.

What is the shelf life of my supplements?

All of our supplements have a shelf life of two years from the manufacturing date. After opening, we recommend consuming within a couple of months.

I’m a diabetic. Can I take 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements?

There are no artificial sweeteners or sugars in 1st Step’s products, with the exception of our Whey Protein Powder. We do add sucrose, which is pure cane sugar. We have however reduced the levels of sugar so perhaps that can be used. However, we recommend that all medical questions be directed to your doctor.