Brittany Banks

1st Step ProWellness Ambassador Brittany



"1st Step Pro-Wellness products make healthy living easy. If I can do it, so can you!"

Meet Brittany, a health-enthusiast convert. Brittany spends her days as an assistant daycare director. During her off-time she enjoys working out and preparing healthy meals for her husband. Brittany's motivation for living a healthy lifestyle is her plans for her future family. Brittany said she wants to eventually have children and she wants to be able to play with and keep up with them. Brittany knows the flip side of a healthy lifestyle. In high school, Brittany weighed 294 pounds. Through diligent exercise, healthy eating habits, and encouragement from her loving husband, Brittany is now enjoying a healthy life and is over 100 pounds lighter! Brittany enjoys sharing her story and encouraging others to make healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle.