9 Reasons Why You Need Vitamin D

Vitamin D, commonly known as the "sunshine vitamin", is something we’re constantly hearing about these days. Vitamin D, which is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin, is so incredibly crucial to your overall health. Because we don’t absorb adequate amounts from our food or the sun, it is more important than ever that you supplement with additional vitamin D on an everyday basis.

A growing number of studies point to vitamin D deficiency as the root cause of many common health concerns, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and more.

Core benefits of vitamin D:

  • May reduce blood pressure

  • May reduce inflammation throughout the body

  • Has been shown to improve mental function

  • Promotes bone density

  • Supports a healthy body weight

  • Enhances your immune system

  • May reduce the risk of developing diabetes and cancer

  • Offers anti-diabetic effects

  • Promotes optimal moods

Currently, the RDA recommends 400-600 IU daily, however this is far lower then the amount the average American needs for optimal health. The minimum amount of vitamin D that you should be taking daily ranges from 1,000-3000 IU.  If you have your vitamin D levels tested and they come back to be below 30 ng/ml, you are considered to be deficient in vitamin D and therefore, you may be recommended to take 5,000-10,000 IU daily until you establish a vitamin D level of at least 30-50 ng/ml.

Bottom line: vitamin D deficiency is quickly becoming an epidemic in the United States. Get your vitamin D levels tested today and get started on a pure, high-quality and absorbable vitamin D-3 supplement as soon as possible. 

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