strength training

Know Your Own Strength and Beauty

Remember when I decided to get into shape and start crossfit? Well it’s been almost two months since my epiphany and let me tell you, crossfit is hard. And exhilarating. And tiring. And exciting. Did I mention hard?

Each time I leave class and am drinking my protein shake, I’m amazed at what my body can do. Last week I flipped a 225 lb. tire multiple times, did dozens and dozens of pull-ups and hundreds of squats (with weights!) and tons of other equally intense exercises. How is this even possible?! It’s crazy to me what our class will do in just an hour! And during each class, I get glimpses of the feats my future self will accomplish and I’m so motivated to push myself.

Daring to Crossfit

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I am one of the millions of women who daily peruse Pinterest. I love to pin nearly everything that could possibly relate to my life; recipes, activities for toddlers, clothes, how to decorate my home and how to clean my newly decorated place. And let’s not forgot how much I’ve learned about gardening my non-existent garden.