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Meet Pro-Wellness Ambassador: Jessica

My name is Jessica Pages, and I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, R.I.P.P.E.D Instructor, 1st Step Pro Wellness Ambassador, Sweat Pink Ambassador and aspiring NPC bikini competitor.

I was born and raised in North Carolina, and am married with three children ages 22, 17, and, 4.

I have not always been into fitness. I have always been overweight by about 10-15 pounds, but that never bothered me.

In 2009 I became pregnant for the third time. During my first two pregnancies my weight gain was minimal, so I thought I really didn't have to worry about gaining weight the third time.

Despite Struggle, Bry Finds True Happiness in Being “Healthy”

My story is not intended to glamorize eating disorders, but rather create awareness for everyone and offer hope to those who suffer or have suffered from an eating disorder. We are no different than those trying to lose weight. We all strive for the same thing – to be healthy and happy.

Pregnancy and Pole Dancing?

Don’t get me wrong, despite how much faster my pregnancy stomach showed up, I’m feeling great, exercising regularly, juicing and eating lots of healthy-for-me-and-the-baby-foods. Yet despite all my healthiness and regular trips to the gym and my husband’s encouragement, I feel pregnant! I’m wearing pants without zippers and have fabric up to my chest. My stomach shows up to the party a good five minutes before I do.

Moms Encouraging Moms

Today I spent my morning hanging out with a few friends and our broods of children. We have set every-other Wednesday aside to chat, drink coffee, laugh, drink coffee, let our kiddos play together and drink coffee. This time together is explicitly designed to be a place where we, as stay-at-home moms, can get together to bond by sharing the ups and downs of parenting, life and our faith. It’s also a “mommy wars” free zone and, when the kiddos‘ yells and playful shrieks momentarily die down, it’s a place where we can be honest and encouraging

Counting my Blessings

As I sit here writing this blog at my four-year-old’s dance class listening to the clack clack clack of a room full of tap shoes, I can’t help but think about how the Lord has blessed me. I have a loving husband, beautiful children, and my health. To top it off, I get to be a fitness ambassador for 1st Step. I am so proud of this opportunity that I donned my 1st Step ball cap at the dance class.