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Are You a Perfect 10?

I am excited and want to share some information I recently became aware of. A physician I am seeing recommended the book, "The Perfect 10 Diet" by Dr.  Michael Aziz. 

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The book discusses the top 10 hormones responsible for weight gain and weight loss and how to get those hormones balanced for optimal health. Hormones have always been somewhat of a mystery to me, so to have them explained in "layman's terms" was not only extremely interesting but also helpful. 

Let me summarize and share some of the information I found to be valuable: The top 10 hormones that hold the secret to losing weight and feeling great are:

  • Insulin - Insulin governs the body, and it has a profound effect on aging.
  • Glucagon - Performs the exact opposite function of insulin - it melts fat.
  • Leptin – Controls the appetite.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) - is the quintessential anti-aging hormone.
  • Thyroid - The thyroid hormone keeps you fit, provides energy, improves thinking abilities, boosts the immune system, decreases bad cholesterol, and lowers blood pressure.
  • Testosterone - Testosterone makes men masculine, but it is also present in small amounts in women, and aids libido in both genders.
  • Estrogen - Estrogen increases alertness, lowers body fat, protects against heart and Alzheimer’s disease, and more.
  • Progesterone - Progesterone reduces anxiety and has a calming effect on mood - it makes women happy.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) - DHEA is gaining ground as a hormone that improves one’s sense of well-being, relieves fatigue, fights depression, and plays a role in the prevention of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.
  • Cortisol - This major hormone keeps us alive thanks to three essential and powerful properties.

According to Dr. Aziz, becoming a “perfect 10” is about achieving perfect health through a diet and lifestyle designed to balance the 10 key hormones that directly impact health and weight. This is not one of those "fad" diets. It is not a low-carb nor is it a low-fat diet. This diet prescribes "real" food - food without all of the preservatives and chemicals which have an adverse effect on hormones.

In his book, he offers sample menus for balancing hormones and discusses a unique, science-based approach to nutritional balance for stabilizing hormone levels. He claims his patients have lost an average of 10 to 14 pounds in the first three weeks on the diet, without feeling hungry, and showed remarkable improvement in the markers for heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and overall health.

The book includes tips for getting started on the road to balancing hormones and overcoming sluggish weight loss. He also includes a guide to hormone supplements.

I am excited about this book, and I feel like I have learned so much. A lot of information I had about hormones was incomplete, vague, or just plain wrong. And to be honest, some of these hormones I really knew nothing about. In short, I am following this plan, and I am already feeling better. If you have questions about hormone health, this read is for you.