healthy snacks

Nuts to you!

Two handfuls of your favorite nuts are healthier than two handfuls of potato chips multiplied 10 times. Nuts are tasty and make great snacks and they offer more than just stomach-fillers. They actually contain nutrition to help you gain muscle. Here are five kinds of nuts that ensure bodybuilding results.

·         Almonds: Two handfuls of almonds help lower the risk of heart disease because of their manganese and Vitamin E content, which lower the risk of oxidative damage. Their high protein content ensure muscles get a steady source of amino acids.

·         Pistachios: Pistachio nuts might contain high fat and carbohydrate content, but it is undeniable that they provide a great amount of protein and fiber. Pistachios also have high Vitamin B6 amounts.

·         Walnuts: Most people regard walnuts as super foods because they contain great amounts of alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid. Omega-3 helps the heart avoid disease and allows muscles to keep more protein.

·         Cashews: Cashews might actually make you fat with its very high fat content, but eating a handful of these nuts actually gives you a high Omega-3 advantage. Cashews also contain plenty of iron, zinc and other minerals.

·         Peanuts: Consuming peanuts or eating peanut butter actually gives you high protein, dietary fiber and antioxidants for the body. By consuming peanuts, you actually gain potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, niacin, and folate.

So, next time you want a crunchy, salty snack. . . don't reach for the chips, opt for the nuts instead!