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Liquid Vitamin Benefits

With the exception of the whey protein powder, you will notice that the entire line of 1st Step Pro Wellness products are liquid. Technically they are all liquid once you add water to the protein powder, but I digress. The 1st Step Pro Wellness line includes:

*Liquid D3
*Liquid multivitamin
*Liquid B12
*Liquid glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM
*Liquid melatonin

The 1st Step Pro Wellness homepage reads:  “Feel the liquid difference". They have also posted the following:

“Feel the difference. Within minutes, our liquid vitamins enter the bloodstream and begin fueling your mind and body for superior mental and physical energy and health. No stomachache. No stimulants. Simply vitamins sweetened with fruit juice so they taste as powerful as you'll feel.”

Why, you may ask, are there no capsules? No pills? No tablets? There are actually a few reasons, but I’ll give you three.

1.) Liquid vitamins tend to absorb better and faster than pill or powder form, thus hitting the blood stream more quickly.
2.) They taste better than a nasty ole pill!
3.) They are easier to swallow than pills and tablets.

So the next time you think about taking a big “horse pill” as a multivitamin, maybe you should rethink that decision and give the 1st Step liquid multivitamin a try!