give it a try!

koo koo for coconut oil!

Every time I go to the grocery store, I see coconut oil. It seems to be everywhere in some form in every aisle. I like coconut, and although I know nothing about coconut oil, I was interested. The marketing gimmicks seemed to get the best of me. I broke down and purchased some coconut oil without even knowing how I was going to use it. It’s been setting on my counter for a few weeks now, and I decided it was time to research how to use this new fad food.

After much reading and research on many different sites, I copied and pasted (and came up with a few of my own) ways that I can use coconut oil in the kitchen and elsewhere.

  • Two tablespoons per day taken orally are proven to rev up metabolism.
  • Replace vegetable oil with coconut oil when baking - it's a different taste, but it's not bad. The sweetness adds to a cookie recipe, brownie recipe, etc., and it's healthy.
  • Add a tablespoon of coconut oil into morning smoothies. It's a great compliment to 1st Step Pro Wellness vanilla whey protein powder.
  • One teaspoon taken in the afternoon can provide a burst of energy instead of drinking a caffeinated energy drink.
  • Use coconut oil when shaving - this will provide a moisturizer at the same time.
  • Replace butter, cooking spray, vegetable oil, etc. with coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil is safe to use on a baby, and is helpful in treating diaper rash.
  • Coconut oil also helps fade age spots. Rub on hands or other areas affected by age spots.
  • Coconut oil will help relieve the burn of a sunburn after too much sun.
  • It also works as a suntan lotion by keeping skin moisturized during a day at the beach.
  • And my personal favorite, which I have tested and found to be true. . .coconut oil helps clear eczema spots on the skin. I've tried all kinds of expensive creams to treat my eczema and nothing has worked as well as good ol' coconut oil.

I hope this information helps you and that you are able to try some of the suggested uses for coconut oil. This oil is inexpensive and can be found at the grocery store.