What I have learned from being a 1st Step Pro Wellness Ambassador

I have had the great honor of spending the last year as a product ambassador for 1st Step Pro Wellness. Throughout this year I have enjoyed sharing the 1st Step product line with people and seeing the great results they achieved from using the products.

I had the privilege of introducing the Melatonin to someone who had tried everything under the sun (including prescription medication), and now thanks to 1st Step, she gets a good night’s sleep every night. I have introduced countless people to the B12 and they will not go a day without it because they actually feel the difference it makes on their energy levels. On a more personal note, I have seen my husband transition to a person who never misses his daily vitamins. 

While the products are no doubt making a huge difference in my life and the lives of others, I see my role as an ambassador for 1st Step Pro Wellness as much more than that. Through the company I have learned that being fit and healthy does not mean you look a certain way, you can run a certain speed, or even lift a certain amount of weight. Being healthy is about making good decisions and doing the things necessary to take yourself to the next level (wherever that level may be). 

As I embark upon my second year as a 1st Step Pro Wellness ambassador, I look forward to sharing the positive message and the fundamentals of the company to help people realize that a healthy lifestyle is within their reach and no matter where they are starting, they are at the perfect starting point for a healthy life. Thanks for a great first year 1st Step; I know year two is going to be even greater!