Angela Gevock

Transforming Traditional Pizza

Let’s not deny it, we all love PIZZA! The cheesier, saucier, meatier the better. However, as expected, pizza is generally high in fat, carbohydrates, and sodium. Not to mention, most sauces are full of sugar.

The good news is there are healthy alternatives to the traditional unhealthy pizza. These alternatives are easily substituted, and the pizza still tastes good. If you are a pizza lover, but you don’t love the guilt that comes with indulging in that triangular decadence, try these tricks for a healthier pizza.

Frozen: Check the nutrition label for sodium, fat, and calories. Pick a pizza with lower numbers.
Restaurant or delivery: Order a thin-crust pizza with light cheese to cut down on calories. Limit meat to one topping to keep sodium in check – no more “meat lovers”. Try a vegetable only pizza. You’ll be surprised at how good the vegetables taste.
Homemade: Make personal pizzas at home on pita bread or whole-wheat English muffins. Top with vegetables, low-sodium sauce, and low-fat cheese.

Or, may I suggest this recipe for a healthy alternative:

1. Lay out several whole-wheat crackers.
2. Place a piece of baby spinach and a slice of tomato on half of the crackers.
3. On the rest of the crackers, place a few small pieces of cooked chunks of skinless chicken or low- sodium ham.
4. Sprinkle all of the crackers with your favorite shredded cheese.
5. Put the “pizzas” in the microwave and heat until the cheese is melted, around 30 seconds.
6. Serve and enjoy!

Eating healthy isn’t about giving up your favorite foods; it’s about finding healthy substitutes that are not only good - but good for you.