Natural Flu Prevention 101

If you're like everyone in America right now, you're doing everything in your power to prevent bringing the flu home. Just about everyone you know has been touched by the flu this year: neighbors, friends, family members, colleagues, and more. This year's flu epidemic is nothing to be messed with. 

Flu germs are everywhere: it's in the air, in mucous and saliva, and can even live on surfaces, such as countertops, handles, doorknobs and more. Chances are, you will be exposed to flu germs at some point this winter. The key to not catching the flu is a strong immune system.

The first and simplest way to keep a strong immune system is to make sure you incorporate immune-boosting supplements into your daily routine. No prescription or doctor's appointment needed...just pure, simple nutrition that you can keep in the convenience of your own home.

Two Core Nutrients for Preventing the Flu:

  • Vitamin D is the foundation to a strong immune system and if you're anything like majority of Americans, you're most likely deficient. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, which means it is stored in your body (versus being excreted through your urine) so it's important you are on the correct dose of vitamin D. For maintenance doses, we recommend 1,000-2,000 IU daily. If you have your vitamin D levels checked, and you are deficient, you can take 5,000 IU or more daily to get your levels back to where they need to be. In addition to a strong immune system, vitamin D helps to improve moods, transport calcium into your bones and promotes healthy brain function, too. 
  • Vitamin C, always known as the ultimate immune booster, is the second best nutrient you can take for a strong immune system. For daily supplementation, 2,000-4,000 mg of vitamin C is recommended. If you do come down with an infection or worse, the flu, double your intake until the infection is gone. 

Other simple ways to promote strong immunity:

  • Refrain from simple carbohydrates, such as bread, cookies, pasta, etc... These foods not only lack nutrition, but pull from the nutrition stores within your body. Fuel up on lean meats, healthy fats and nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. The best sources of vitamin D are eggs, salmon, cheese and cod liver oil. The best sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries & kale.
  • Be sure to practice good hygiene. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. If you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with the inside of your arm. Disinfect your home more often than your normally would to ensure no germs live inside your home.

Staying healthy and well during flu season is no easy feat, but it is worth your while in taking the extra effort to keep your home and family well. Take your vitamins daily, eat clean and stay active. 

Stock up on liquid vitamin D and vitamin C today to help prevent the flu from taking over your home! 

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