Why Should I Take A Liquid B12?

B-12, similar to the other B vitamins, helps your body to convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy that your body can use for fuel. Supplementing with vitamin B-12 is also used to help prevent nutrient deficiencies by filling in the gaps if your diet does not offer sufficient amounts daily. 

In order to digest vitamin B-12, which is primarily absorbed only through animal products such as meat and dairy, you must have enough stomach acid, as well as a specific protein known as the "intrinsic factor" for the stomach acid to properly absorb this nutrient. As we age, our intrinsic factor levels decline, which means the older we get, the harder it is for us to absorb B-12, especially from food.

This also means that the older we get, the more necessary it is for us to supplement with B-12.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Liquid B-12 Is The Most Superior Form of B-12: 

  1. Liquid B-12 is easy to take. Taking capsules and pills can be very challenging for many. Because liquid B-12 is one less pill you have to take, it is one easier way to stick to your vitamin routine and dread taking all those pills. 
  2. Liquid B-12 is absorbed in the mouth. Because B-12 is taken orally, also known as "sublingually", the nutrient is absorbed directly into your bloodstream allowing it to bypass your digestive tract. This means your body is readily able to put this energizing nutrient to work and doesn't lose any of it's potency.
  3. Liquid B-12 works quicker. Liquid vitamins are absorbed much more rapidly than tablets and capsules. They are also more effective this way. Because they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, the body does not have to digest the nutrient first and then send it out to the proper channels to do it's job. Instead, it goes to work immediately

A high-quality liquid B-12 is essential for total health and optimal wellness. We recommend taking half to one half ounce daily of liquid B-12 to feel healthy and energized. 

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