Keeping Hydrated in the Heat and Humidity

Drinking enough water and staying hydrated is always important, but even more so during the summer months when temperatures soar and humidity increases.

Follow these tips to stay hydrated in the heat:

  •  Eat your water. Chowing down on water-filled foods like watermelon, is an easy and refreshing way to keep hydrated.
  • Swap soda for sparkling water. If you're trying to kick a soda habit, sparkling water is a healthy, but still fizzy, alternative.
  • Hydrate before exercising. Be sure to drink water before exercising to maximize your workout. Also drink water during and after your workout.
  • Stay hydrated at work. Even when working indoors, it's important to keep a reusable, filled water bottle at your desk.
  • Drink water before meals. By drinking water before meals not only will you stay hydrated but you're less likely to overeat.
  • Have enough fluids on hand. When you're spending the day cycling or hiking, it's important to bring enough water to last the trip.
  • Spice it up with healthy flavoring. If you're having a hard time getting enough water, spice it up with some natural flavoring like lemon or lime juice.
  • Keep a reusable bottle with you. Having a water bottle with you at all times is the easiest way to stay hydrated without even thinking about it.