Shout- Out to My Fitbit

When I decided to turn my life around and live the fitlife, I jumped all in. I was so proud of my self because I was SOO active. I was getting in cardio everyday and moving as much as I thought possible. When friends told me they had reach their 10,000 steps for a day, I thought that was laughable, because I was sure that number was so low in comparison to the numbers that I would rack up with my fit lifestyle.

In order to put my friends to shame in their “high” step count, I decided to buy a FitBit, and that ladies and gentlemen was how the wind got knocked out of my sails. On my first day wearing my FitBit, I racked up a grand total of 6000 steps. Since that shameful day, I have been a FitBit Fanatic and here is why you should be too.

It gives you an accurate picture of how active you really are. I was great at getting in my steps when I was actually intentionally doing exercise. My FitBit helped me realized that outside of my organized exercise, I live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. So this made me be more inclined to get up and walk around during the day.

Having a goal makes me want to reach it. I have spent many of nights housewalking to make sure that I reach the step goal for myself. There is just something about knowing that each day I have accomplished something that I set out to do that makes it so rewarding. 

It brings out the competitor in me. If you have the Fitbit app it allows you to challenge your friends to a step competition. The challenge really help motivate me to step more than other people. I am constantly checking my challenges and getting in enough steps to beat the other people participating in the challenge.

Whether you get a Fitbit, or some other fitness tracking device, in the end the important thing is that you are actually getting an accurate picture of just how active you are. You will be surprised the changes you will see in yourself once you start tracking, the motivation is just an added bonus.