3 Essential Vitamins for Winter

Winter really has a way of getting the best of us - it soaks up our energy, causes seasonal sniffles and colds, can cause joint pain and just makes us not feel our best. 

That being said, many of these may be caused by a lack in nutrition. This is why replenishing your system with the following vitamins is key when it comes to putting a little pep back into your step.

  1. B Vitamins are some of the best vitamins you can take not only for immune health, but for energy, too. This energetic group of vitamins is responsible for converting carbs into energy by breaking down fat and protein into fuel. Your B vitamins, especially B12, are so important during the winter months because not only can they offer more energy when you're feeling zapped on a dreary day, but they also assist in reducing depressed moods, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder, or SAD. 
  2. Vitamin C is one of the most common vitamins for aiding in immunity. Not only this, but it's also a natural antihistamine, which means it helps with seasonal allergies, too. This powerful antioxidant has so many functions in the body, such as boosting your immune system, detoxing your cells, building collagen in the skin, promoting heart health, and fighting adrenal fatigue. It's really a no-brainer to take vitamin C year-round. And because it's all too commonly asked, no, drinking orange juice is simply not enough. Orange juice is very high in sugar, which contributes to weight gain and low immunity. Additionally, it doesn't provide enough vitamin C to help fight off sickness. It is recommended to take 3,000-4,000 mg of vitamin C daily, and you can nearly double that when you're trying to fight off an infection.
  3. Vitamin D is a vitamin that is most commonly referred to as "the sunshine vitamin". While we can absorb some vitamin D from natural sunlight, not only are we not exposed as frequently in the winter months, but it's not quite enough vitamin D to help your body's immune system stay in tip-top shape. Without sufficient vitamin D, the body can't stimulate the immune response that protect us from colds and infection.

With the harsh days of winter ahead, it is crucial that you load up on your B, C and D vitamin stores so that your immune system is ready to play defense. Fortunately, all of these nutrients can be found in liquid form, which makes taking your vitamins easier than ever before!

What are your go-to nutrients for keeping energized and healthy during the winter months? Share in the comments below.