Counting my Blessings

As I sit here writing this blog at my four-year-old’s dance class listening to the clack clack clack of a room full of tap shoes, I can’t help but think about how the Lord has blessed me. I have a loving husband, beautiful children, and my health. To top it off, I get to be a fitness ambassador for 1st Step. I am so proud of this opportunity that I donned my 1st Step ball cap at the dance class.

However, with the good, there’s also the not so good. I also think about the things that are not always looked at as blessings. Before starting the blog, I made this week’s to-do list. As is the case with most women, grocery shopping, extracurricular activities, doctors’ appointments, and other errands fill my week - all outside of the many chores we all already tend to at home. Plus, I have a 6 month old son who takes up a fair amount of my time and attention (I know that I am preaching to the choir here.) Once I got to number 17 on the to-do list, I was immensely grateful for the arrival of my 1st Step package today since it contains my supplements. It looks like I am going to need my beloved Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex to get through the list. I am definitely up to the challenge, though.

Being busy not only means that I’m going to be in need of some natural energy enhancement, but it also means I am going to be eating on the run a lot. Having my 1st Step Whey Protein Powder gives me a healthy option when I know I’m going to need a to-go meal. I can either use it in a recipe like pancakes, cookies (yes, cookies!), oatmeal, or just a plain ole (but tasty) shake. What’s even better is the fact that the protein tastes so good my four year old daughter likes for me to put a scoop of the chocolate powder in milk to make her chocolate milk. One thing for sure, I may be busy, but I’ll never be too busy to spread the word on the wonderful products of 1st Step Pro-Wellness!