Bucking the Exercise Barriers!

We all know that creating and sticking to an exercise regimen can be a challenge. I think we have all come up with excuses on days when we don’t feel like putting in the effort. Below are some common excuses and how to overcome them so when it comes to sticking with your plan…there are NO EXCUSES!

  •  “I don’t have time” – squeeze in three 10-minute walks during the day; wake up earlier to make time; park your car farther away from the front door at work; and schedule physical activities on weekends.
  •  “It’s boring” – choose activities you enjoy; vary your fitness routine; invite others to join you; or enroll in a yoga class.
  •  “I look funny exercising” – do activities by yourself at first until you feel more confident; remind yourself about the physical benefits of fitness; and praise yourself when you exercise. The truth is, people in the gym are focusing on themselves and their personal goals, not what you are doing or what you are wearing.
  •  “I’m too tired” – start your day with physical activity; walk during your lunch break; set realistic goals and stick with them; and block off time for fitness, just like you would an important appointment.

Treat you exercise routine as if it were part of your job or other daily routine activity. For instance, you wouldn't skip other daily routines like picking up your kids from school because you don't have time or because you are too tired. Make your routine a priority with NO EXCUSES!