Ashley Crutcher

1st Step ProWellness Ambassador Ashley



With the demands of being a full-time medical student, it is vital to begin each day with 1st Step Pro-Wellness supplements. Whether it's a shot of the Liquid Vitamin B12 Boost to sustain energy throughout the day or a scoop of protein in my early morning coffee, I always keep 1st Step by my side! I was recently introduced to Pro-Wellness products as I trained for a fitness competition. Being a fitness fanatic and former college athlete, I rely on nutritional supplements to help maintain a healthy, happy, and energetic lifestyle.

As a former college athlete, college dorm director, volunteer at a dog shelter and medical student, Ashley believes in taking advantage of all the opportunities life offers. As she pursues a profession in the medical field, she feels that it is very important to have a passion for promoting a healthy, active lifestyle as a role model and leader for her community.