Angie Ratliff

1st Step ProWellness Ambassador Angie



As a personal trainer and figure competitor, I am impressed by how well the 1st Step Pro-Wellness products easily fit every lifestyle. I rely on the Liquid B12 Complex for my long, active days when I work late at school and at the gym, and the protein shakes are a simple way to supplement my meals.

Angie is a proud mother, third grade teacher, personal trainer, and figure competitor. Active in her faith, she is passionate about Christ and His power to transform lives using her as an instrument. Angie believes it is important for all women to be fit physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Angie encourages women to find some type of physical activity they enjoy to help them accomplish their fitness goals. Grateful for the opportunity to be a role model, Angie daily influences her son, students, and clients with her love for Jesus, family, and fitness.