Amy Contant

1st Step ProWellness Amy- loves Whey Protein Shakes and B12 Complex



As a working mom, it is hard to find time to make breakfast in the morning, so the 1st Step Pro-Wellness Whey Protein Shakes and Liquid Vitamin B12 Complex are the perfect way to start my day! My husband and I have always been avid athletes and living a healthy lifestyle is very important to our family. I definitely understand the importance of proper nutrition so I absolutely love the 1st Step Pro-Wellness liquid supplements because they are easy to take and keep me energized without the caffeine!

As a life-long athlete, proper nutrition through a well-balanced diet and supplementation have always been important components of Amy's active lifestyle. Now, as a wife, new mom, and working professional, she depends on supplements even more to give her the mental and physical energy to find balance in all aspects of her life.